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Have you ever wondered how long King Guardia has reigned for? Or wanted to know more about Lucca's (and her family's) crazy inventions? The Zeal Archives explores the world of Chrono Trigger one bit at a time covering the characters, items, mechanics, locales and lore with a dose of your hosts', T and G, personal experiences with the game mixed in. Each episode contains a healthy potion of the above and is bookended by short vignettes of two characters, T and G, who are trapped in the world of Chrono Trigger (specifically, the "End of Time") and their escapades discovering the world and trying to make their way back home! Put another way, the podcast is part storytelling, part discussion, and 100% love letter to an amazing classic JRPG. Episodes release in 'books' (9-12 episodes) ... whenever they're ready. Each episode is somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. Have a topic you'd like to see or an idea for the future of the series? Contact us on [Twitter]( or [Facebook](, both @thenickscast

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The R-Series: Human Extermination Squad [Book 1, Chapter 8]

    After a near fatal encounter activating the gate mechanism (and almost summoning Lavos, potentially), the T and G are out of ideas, Trapped in another world with no way out, the Nicks have a heart to heart and look towards the future: literally. Perhaps the R-Series of robots is a ...


  2. Johnny: The Man, The Machine [Book 1, Chapter 7]

    Another experiment put on hold, T’s frustration begins to show. With no foundation in any science, theoretical or otherwise, and no other options on the table, G suggests leveraging the temporal instability and the gate’s whipping in space-time to their advantage. With no other options, the two get to work, ...


  3. Dragon Tank: Care & (Dis)assembly [Book 1, Chapter 6]

    As the Nicks ascertain their mortality (alive), good luck finally goes their way after managing to stabilize a gate, albeit a small one. Of its own accord, their slapdash machine summons… the instruction manual for the Dragon Tank? T and G discuss: * What is going on in the world ...


  4. The Gate Key: A Preamble on Time-Space Gates [Book 1, Chapter 5]

    With no other leads, G rests on the hard floor at the end of time and has a familiar dream of the beginning of a different journey. That dream is cut short with an announcement: amidst Gaspar’s books lies a volume about the Gate Key, the Gates, and possibly a ...


  5. Yakra: 13 Generations of Vengeance [Book 1, Chapter 4]

    The discovery of a Guardian hairpin leads to new possibilities with the mostly inert (and seemingly multiplying) time gates. After some experiments, the trail goes cold again and the Nicks trace back to where the pin was found in the first place: a record of the villian from the middle ...