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Have you ever wondered how long King Guardia has reigned for? Or wanted to know more about Lucca's (and her family's) crazy inventions? The Zeal Archives explores the world of Chrono Trigger one bit at a time covering the characters, items, mechanics, locales and lore with a dose of your hosts', T and G, personal experiences with the game mixed in. Each episode contains a healthy potion of the above and is bookended by short vignettes of two characters, T and G, who are trapped in the world of Chrono Trigger (specifically, the "End of Time") and their escapades discovering the world and trying to make their way back home! Put another way, the podcast is part storytelling, part discussion, and 100% love letter to an amazing classic JRPG. Episodes release in 'books' (9-12 episodes) ... whenever they're ready. Each episode is somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. Have a topic you'd like to see or an idea for the future of the series? Contact us on [Twitter]( or [Facebook](, both @thenickscast

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Latest Episodes…

  1. R66Y: Postmodern Prometheus [Book 2, Chapter 8]

    With T faded away into the distortion, G is left with only his grief… and the explanation for the mysterious voices, Lucca! With their misdeeds spelled out before them, and the loss of friends Robo and T, can G soldier on to try to own up to the mistakes that ...


  2. Death Peak: At the End of the World [Book 2, Chapter 7]

    The world of Chrono Trigger is beginning to fall apart. Robo’s sacrifice brought our heroes one step closer to potential salvation, but hopes are dashed when the distortion begins to impact T as well. Will G and T be torn worlds apart, or... something worse? Is there any hope left ...


  3. Dreamstone: Heirloom of Zeal [Book 2, Chapter 6]

    Finally, our heroes arrive at the Keeper’s Dome, but the distortion has worsened, and the party suffers a few more than mechanical failures… But with the sealed gate open, perhaps answers lie within? Or perhaps the trauma of being trapped in a world before later on has finally gotten to ...


  4. Ioka and Laruba: The Tribes of 65 Million B.C. [Book 2, Chapter 5]

    It’s a hop, skip, and a jump from the Proto Dome to the Keeper’s Dome… if you don’t mind the Sewers, that is. As they make their journey to hopefully discover Balthazar’s lab, the trio encounters a bit of dimensional interference, and the recurrence of a strange voice. Is all ...


  5. The Masamune: The Relic that Ended an Era [Book 2, Chapter 4]

    To say that their stay at the end of time, or even 2300 AD, has been strange would be a bit of an understatement… After finding a safe way to traverse the wastes of the future, G and T’s tempers begin to flare. But before things can get too heated, ...