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Have you ever wondered how long King Guardia has reigned for? Or wanted to know more about Lucca's (and her family's) crazy inventions? The Zeal Archives explores the world of Chrono Trigger one bit at a time covering the characters, items, mechanics, locales and lore with a dose of your hosts', T and G, personal experiences with the game mixed in. Each episode contains a healthy potion of the above and is bookended by short vignettes of two characters, T and G, who are trapped in the world of Chrono Trigger (specifically, the "End of Time") and their escapades discovering the world and trying to make their way back home! Put another way, the podcast is part storytelling, part discussion, and 100% love letter to an amazing classic JRPG. Episodes release in 'books' (9-12 episodes) ... whenever they're ready. Each episode is somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. Have a topic you'd like to see or an idea for the future of the series? Contact us on [Twitter]( or [Facebook](, both @thenickscast

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Curios and Trinkets: The Small Things [Book 3, Appendix A]

    No Chrono Trigger? No, we’re back in the past, before the initial experiment! T has been putting in some late nights, but to what end? (a portal machine, we covered that) And do we know who has been stealing parts from the office? It’s all coming together, as ...


  2. Dalton: The Seat of Power [Book 3, Chapter 9]

    After restoring most of the Chrono Trigger timeline, our intrepid heroes unfortunately stumble into the path of … Dalton? And Azala?? Thrown into a prison cell on the Blackbird with neither tools nor weapons, how will the party escape and stop whatever nefarious scheme is afoot? Will T ...


  3. Fire and Ice: A Surprising Duo [Book 3, Chapter 8]

    Our heroes-to-be reach a pivotal moment in the world of Chrono Trigger as familiar face and friend Marle has a chance encounter with Nick G just before the Millennial Fair. But could that moment cause a ripple in space time that causes the Robo and Lucca we know ...


  4. Elements of Magic: Mechanics and Minutiae [Book 3, Chapter 7]

    The mystery of the rapidly expanding anomalies will have to wait because the party finds itself face-to-face with… the end of time? Well known to our Chrono Trigger companions, the presence of old friends is a bit unusual to say the least. Perhaps, like a certain egg, it ...


  5. Geno Dome: A Desperate Future [Book 3, Chapter 6]

    With their time travel device damaged and losing power, the party must try to find a way to keep it working long enough to fix the anomalies and get the Nicks home. But where in the world of Chrono Trigger would there be enough power for something like ...